Fly Rod R&D December 31 2014

We call it 'R&D'.  Taking our latest concept blanks and component packages out on the river with our friends, figuring out what works for Drifter, and what doesn't.  While it's not all hard work, creating a truly differentiated trout rod - a 'fly rod with feel', involved a lot of tweaking and concept rejection.  The end result though - we think is a great one!  We love the final design of the Covert and can't wait to publish your feedback and testimonials this year.  

We have a number of concepts in prototype stages, including a 'big river' rod, an extra long model, and mid-price point options for the Drifter collection.  But we won't officially launch these products until we're 100% confident we've got them right.  Stay tuned.  In the mean time, our custom rod program is available to get you exactly whatever it is your looking for.