Drifter Covert Fly Rod Reviews

Drifter's mission is to build the best Trout Fly Rods on the planet.  So how did we do with the Drifter Covert?  Read below to find out:


Kirk Deeter - Field and Stream  

Kirk Deeter is renowned in the fly fishing world as a journalist, editor, and author.  Kirk serves as an editor-at-large for Field & Stream, the leading outdoor publication in America, as well as Editor for Trout and Angling Trade.  He has authored several books and magazine articles on the subject of fly fishing, including Castwork and Tideline.

Excerpts:  '...the best roll-casting 4 weight I can remember, and one of the most accurate dry fly rods I've played around with in a long time.'

'It's the kind of rod that minimizes the thought process as you factor where you want to cast, and where you actually drop the fly.  You think it... and if you have a half-decent casting stroke, the fly goes there every time.  Boom, boom, boom.  It's almost a self loading rod....'

'... you can feel the cast - and you can feel the fight - right down to the grip.  In my mind, that's a good thing.  If I can't actually feel the cast in my casting hand as I toss the line, the rod isn't right.  I want to feel the rod loading in my hand, and I don't want to have to guess.'  'When I caught fish, the "play" factor was a "9" on a 1-10 scale, in that I felt it to be really responsive and sensitive'

Read the complete review here:  Field & Stream Fly Talk


Henry Koltz - TROUT Magazine, Summer 2015 

Trout Magazine is the quarterly publication of Trout Unlimited, America's foremost coldwater fisheries conservation organization.  TU boasts 135,000 members, and 500 chapters across the country.  

Trout Mag Review (Henry Koltz):  My fly fishing is essentially bi-polar.  When fish are hitting on top, I'll throw a dry.  The second they stop, I turn to stripping heavy streamers.  There is no in-between... and I fish with 2- and 3-weights.  All year, under all conditions.  As you might guess, finding a rod that keeps up with my neurotic methods is a big ask.  In the Drifter Covert, I found the right tool for the job.  

Drifter Fly Fishing has designed its "Covert" to be a "moderate action" rod.  I fished a 7'6" 2-weight during Wisconsin's early season in a week that dropped from 70 degrees to 35, and went from clear to rain to sleet to hail, all with wind gusts.  The Covert picked up and placed BWO dries at 15 feet every bit as well as heavy streamers at 40 feet (both required casts in Wisconsin's Driftless Area).  It helped me feel what my line was doing, react accordingly and produce great casts.  It's not too fast and it's not too slow-just perfect for a versatile performance trout rod, providing great feedback.  

The Rod Itself is slick.  Mine has a gorgeous box elder burl wood reel seat, attractive hardware and wraps, and a flat, low-reflection finish.  Ferrules fit together exceptionally, with no shakes or loosening even after several days of casting streamers.  

Take note of this new addition in the fly-fishing world.  Here at TROUT, we're excited to see what the future holds.  


Boots Allen - Snake River Angler 

Boots Allen is a third generation fishing guide whose family has significantly contributed to the development of the fly fishing industry in Wyoming since the 1920s. He began guiding for his father and uncle while still in high school and recently completed his 23nd season of guiding on the waters of Wyoming and Idaho. Boots has penned a variety of articles for national fly fishing magazines, is the author of three books on fly fishing, co-produced conservation films for Jah Trout Productions, and has been a featured personality in regional and national television programs.

Boots Allen Review:  This a smooth as silk rod tailor-made for fly fishers looking for that hard-to-find medium to slow action stick. Such rods are starting to come back on the scene, but it is difficult to find one like this. Soft, easy to cast, and lifts line from the surface like few rods out there. When matched with a medium action line like Rio’s Trout LT or Airflo’s Super Dri Series, you have a set up that is picture perfect for dry flies and light nymph rigs. I fish the Covert on streams in my area like the Firehole River and Crayfish Creek in Yellowstone National Park, as well and other intimate streams like Flat Creek in Jackson Hole. This is the primo rod for this kind of water, but it can also handle bigger streams like the Henry’s Fork and Wyoming’s Snake River. It’s part of my quiver of rods, and will remain in my arsenal until something better comes along, which is highly unlikely.


Excerpts from Customer Reviews:  

‘I noticed the line control to be excellent when nymphing and the accuracy and finesse was off the charts while throwing dry flies.’

‘Drifter’s Covert rod has completely changed my approach to fly fishing.’ 

‘Drifter has found the sweet spot with their Covert series rod.’

You can read more about what customers have to say on the Drifter Covert product page.  Click the blue text in the Customer Reviews box to display the full reviews.